Managed Services

Healthcare organizations are seeking ways to optimize IT resources and future proof their technology investments. To do this, leading hospitals turn to Imprivata Managed Services, a team comprised of technical experts from Imprivata that are proactive and are committed delivering faster time to value to organizations who rely on Imprivata solutions. This unique team of experts has partnered with numerous healthcare organizations to integrate Imprivata into the most complex workflows, making them an asset to IT teams that are focused on efficiency, precision, and end user satisfaction.

Designed Uniquely for Healthcare

Organizations can select their ideal mix of Imprivata Managed Services options:

The Technical Architecture Management (TAM) team brings deep technical and healthcare experience across a broad spectrum of organizations and architectural, environmental, and workflow variations, putting their knowledge and experience to work for you. They are experienced resources that are self-sufficient and provide prescriptive, ongoing regular communication with an organization’s IT teams. Your organization should consider TAM services if they:

  • Need one accountable owner to oversee and manage Imprivata support cases or escalations
  • Desire a resource from within Imprivata that can plan for your organization’s highest-value product enhancements
  • Need your technology investments to remain stable and current while delivering efficient clinical workflows to your providers

The Remote Administration Management (RAM) team includes technical experts who can remotely administer your Imprivata solutions. Your team should consider RAM services if they:

  • Face IT resource constraints, yet must manage enterprise-level change at increasing frequency or complexity
  • Require upgrades to Imprivata solutions or Imprivata-integrated systems and you cannot afford costly disruptions in production
  • Desire an experienced, trusted expert who can remotely manage your Imprivata solution, is self-sufficient, and provides prescriptive, ongoing communication with your IT team

The Resident Engineering Management (REM) team includes proactive solutions delivery experts that bring a comprehensive understanding of clinical workflows, integrated IT systems, healthcare regulations, and the Imprivata platform. Your team should consider REM services if they:

  • Want the flexibility to draw on the full range of Imprivata professional services offerings as needs arise
  • Desire resources from Imprivata who can remotely manage your Imprivata solutions, are self-sufficient, and provide prescriptive, ongoing communication with your IT team.
  • Encounter enterprise-level change at increasing frequency or across increasingly complex environments, requiring you to constantly re-configure your Imprivata systems to avoid workflow disruptions for end-users.
  • Value the perspective of clinical specialists when deploying new IT systems that could have an adverse impact on clinical workflows.